Online Course - Alex Misko
Online Course - Alex Misko

Online Course - Alex Misko

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Presenting Alexandr Misko's Exclusive Guitar Masterclass!

Join Here: 

Discover 17 high-quality video tutorials with detailed TABs for an immersive learning experience. Gain insight into Alex’s signature playing style and learn to play his renowned pieces while crafting your own fingerstyle covers. This masterclass suits all skill levels, catering from beginners to experienced players.

What You'll Learn:

  • Arranging Fingerstyle Covers
  • Playing "Billie Jean"
  • Mastering Alex's Techniques
  • Unveiling Alex's Unique Sound
Special Offer: Join now for only 49€ (originally 99€) - an excellent value compared to a single guitar lesson with Alex!

Bonus Features:
  • Full Guitar Pro and original PDF TAB downloads
  • Insight into Alex's Gear & Pedalboard
  • LIVE Cover Arrangement Footage

Elevate your guitar skills today with Alexandr Misko’s Masterclass! Start Here